JYK Fashion Brand

About Us

Our Beginning

We were founded in 2021 with the debut at Milan Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022, on September 21th, 2021. Collaborated with Batik Durian Lubuklinggau, we showed our collection called “Revolutionary Hope”. .

Meet Our Designer

JYK stands for Jenny Yohana Kansil, the designer behind the brand. She is an alumni of Istituto Di Moda Burgo and also an alumni of several prestigious fashion schools in Italy and London. 

“JYK will become the brand, platform educator with notoriety in Europe for its audacious energy and left field thinking.”

About JYK

It is a ladies ready to wear brand whose brand DNA picks inspiration from authentic traditional Indonesian heritage. This label is a kaleidoscope of youth culture movements and subversion.

Revolutionary Hope

The theme of the collection with inspiration from 70's punk style mixed for the first time with batik - a traditional fabric from Indonesia.

Our SS22 collection using Batik Durian Lubuklinggau, a modern hand drawn batik founded by Yetti Oktarina Prana, a spouse of City Mayor of the region of Lubuklinggau, South Sumatera - Indonesia, an area distinct with durian fruits and its flowers as the main batik's pattern.

Durian itself inspiring us for the punk style and for the story of 'hope' that spiky durian can have sweet soft custardy taste inside...Never mind pandemic, all things will work together for our good!


The Spring Summer 2023 Collection takes a silhouette from the 1970s which symbolizes the year of freedom and equality.

This collection of 10 clothing consists of a wide design range from mini skirts to midi skirts, with A-line silhouettes, modern crop tops, high waist silhouettes, flared jeans to floral elegance with collection designs dominated by statement sleeves.

The 1970s style also declared itself that 'there are no rules' in the world of fashion which is in line with JYK brand DNA that dares to break boundaries, audacious, akin and left field. Traditional batik leaves its natural impression when transformed into sporty designs and colorful collections that without a doubt combine materials from silk taffeta to stretch jersey, heavy wool stripes and light silk organza, and are complemented by sporty ribbon accessories.